Mode are:

Marc Garnett:  Guitars & Vocals

Rich Miller:  Guitars & Vocals

Derek Leinweber:  Drums

Paddy McGee:  Keyboards

Colin Chapman:  Bass


Mode are a five-piece Britpop band from Adelaide, Australia, playing energetic, power-pop-infused indie rock. Blending mod, Madchester, punk and new wave, Mode create a peculiarly Australian take on classic British sounds.

The band released their debut single "Bad Thing"/"Hold on to Yesterday" in January 2021.



Catchy as hell second single. Immediate power pop from the pen of Rich Miller.



EOTP: First track release for Mode! Sensational moment lads.


MARC: Absolutely, it has taken some time with the covid thing slowing things down, but we got there in the end.


EOTP: Two singles released at once, very nice - What’s the story with Bad Thing?


RICH: That one is about a girl (or boy) that you know in yourself is a “bad thing” but the things they do you just can’t stay away, haha! That’s it in a nut shell, no great or startling revelations to it just pure power pop fun.


EOTP: I hear you did some recording remotely, how did that go for you guys?


MARC: Was a fun exercise to be sure, and the only thing we could do in lockdown. Leading up to our first gigs we did two live recordings at our drummer Derek’s place and as they were so good, we used them as a guide to layer up the tracks remotely. The next couple of tracks we’ll try old school and record live and add some fairy dust to tidy up.


RICH: The remote recording is sending me down a rabbit hole of a home recording studio, new studio monitors are in the post.


EOTP: Some tasty keys on the track, how did they come about?


RICH: That was like, hey Paddy just add whatever you like and I’m sure it will be fine. Turns out it is a masterpiece and really sits in with the track – Paddy is a genius!


EOTP: Hold on to yesterday, is very Britpop from back in the day?


MARC: Yeah it was meant to be like that, almost an encyclopedia of every Britpop ballad ever. Total bollocks really just a stab at the times way back then.


RICH: Hold on was a great opportunity to break out the Les Paul, Marshall combo, wack some delay on it and wail away. Playing the song live is such a blast, it’s huge and I love to see the crowd swaying away with pint in hand.


EOTP: Some nice bass lines and drums going on, a bit Beatlesque you might say.


MARC: Col tapped into his inner McCartney and the lines just flowed out. We asked him to play them left handed to really nail it but in his Geordie accent told us to, “Settle doon that's me pint holding hand yee knaa what Ah mean". Derek was genius on this also, very Starkey in style and his efforts in the studio were superb.