Electric Park are:


James Tate: Vocals, Guitar

Taiga Waugh: Drums

Lachlan Kennedy: Bass


Electric Park are three young indie musicians from Adelaide, Australia. With a sound that blends Britpop, rock and modern indie, the band offer a distinctly Australian take on classic British sounds. 


The band released their debut EP "Dreaming of a Seaside Town" in February 2021.



Superb new single from Adelaide teenagers Electric Park, and their first to be produced in the eotp records studio. Classic, storming Britpop, this builds and builds until it won't leave your head.



EOTP: A debut EP for Electric Park. Massive!

James: Yeah it's a pretty exciting achievement. We've been working towards it for a while.

EOTP: How long have you had the songs, and how do you work together as a band?

Taiga: The songs were written around April to October last year. Dreaming of a seaside town had only been around for a few weeks before we took it to the studio. Structure wise we rehearse Sundays in Taiga's shed and chemistry wise we work together well as we went to primary school together.

EOTP: No Time For fools sounds like 60s Adelaide music to us, albeit with a modern update. Strong vibes of The Master's Apprentices. Do you listen to any classic Adelaide bands, or is it osmosis?

James: Nah it's all Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and British goodness.

EOTP: Do you often dream of seaside towns? Which is your favourite?

Taiga: Yeah we do. James' favourite seaside town is Brighton in the UK and mine is Balgowan on the Yorke Peninsula. 

EOTP: The Sky's in Love With You is a cracking tune. Was it written for anyone in particular, and did it work?!

James: It wasn't written for anyone in particular, it's just a bunch of lyrics and chords that sound cool together.

EOTP: Who the fuck is Maggie, and why do you hate her so much?!!

Taiga: Maggie is my neighbour and she loves heckling us from over the fence, blaring her radio (even though we can't hear it), and calling the cops on us. We reckon she's about 4'5" and almost 100 years old.

EOTP: What's next for Electric Park?

James: More gigs, more songs, and more recording. Hopefully on the world stage sooner or later.