Cigarillo are:

Marc Garnett: Songs, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

Ben White: Songs, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals


Formed in 2019, Cigarillo are what happens when a Britpop-obsessed British Australian from Brighton, Adelaide hooks up via the web with a electronic artist from Brighton, England. Pilfering from the  delicate chamber pop of the late 60s, the post-punk of the 80s,  and the seedy, synthy romps of the mid 90s, Cigarillo are bedroom indie at its finest, recording expertly-crafted tunes that are arty, lyrically-inventive and catchy as hell.

The band released the double A side "RTL2"/"Everyone Love Janet" in November 2020, as a taster for their forthcoming debut album. 




A corking, electronic wig out, and a darkly comic look at the madness of the last few years.


Celebrate England's sporting heroes with this unbelievably catchy paean to leisure centres, which conveniently doubles as a great aerobic workout number.



EOTP: Your second single. What took you so long you lazy bastards?

MARC: hahaha, nothing at all really. We recorded it ages ago, and have been finishing off the album whilst it was sitting there.

BEN: It's great to finally get it out.

EOTP: This seems to be about getting shitfaced as a 15 year old, is that fair?

MARC: yep, it's definitely about our memories of visiting pubs far too young, trying to get served, and failing to do anything correctly. I sent a very rough acoustic demo to Ben, who then put all those amazing guitars on it.

EOTP: They are very Britpop, nice and crunchy.

BEN: I was trying to let rip a bit. The song has a lot of energy.

EOTP: We love it. What's coming next?

MARC: The album is now mixed and mastered and we just have to design cover art, etc.

BEN: I'm looking forward to the tracklisting arguments!



interview with the band

EOTP: A debut single for Cigarillo! Exciting times lads.

BEN: Yeah, not bad, took long enough.

EOTP: A double A-side means not one but two.  What is RTL2 about?

MARC: In the 90s, my mum and dad had Sky TV, but it was a rip off so they stopped it when they had to pay for the internet instead. The satellite dish still worked, but the only thing you could watch was loads of weird German stuff.

EOTP: Would this be on RTL2 by any chance?

MARC: Yeah, plus other channels. It's absolutely true that that simple decision changed my life. I immediately identified as a European, and blew my mind many nights over with completely weird shite. Much of it, like the films of Richard Serra, is Apparently Important, but it all looks like hilarious bollocks to a 15 year old. It was a gateway drug to my current utterly pretentious film tastes though.

EOTP: Ben, what make you of this?


EOTP: Where did the song come from?

MARC: I was recording demos in a cubby house in my garden one summer, and kept having to stop takes due to the mosquitos on my arm. I sent the basic stuff to Ben, who put that amazing guitar all over it. 

BEN: We both did some synthy stuff. Krautrock was such a massive influence on bits of Britpop (through bands like Stereolab I guess), and we love that flavour. 

EOTP: SOUND! What is Everyone Loves Janet about?

MARC: We were in school together back in the day, and everyone really did love Janet. She's probably on German TV now.