End of the Pier records is a record label based in Adelaide, Australia. 

Latest News

New band on eotprecords! 

Today we announce that The Tropicanas have joined eotprecords. A pop band from West Lothian in Scotland, The Tropicanas play extremely melodic and brilliant jangle pop. We love them to bits, and are excited to hear what comes next. Head to their artist page to find out more.

New Cigarillo single out today! 

Today we release The Leisure Centres of England, the new single from Cigarillo. We love this one. Find it on our discography page, or here:


New single from mode released today! 

Mode release their second single The Sun today. We love it, obviously. Check it out on our discography page and, if you're really lazy, here is the store link:


Bandcamp fans can find it here:


New signing! 

Very exciting news today - we have a new band on the roster!! Maze are a 5 piece band from London who released their debut singles in early 2021 before joining End of the Pier records. We love them to bits, and can't wait for you to hear the new single that is coming next week. For now, check out this little teaser:





Electric Park EP out today! 

Electric Park have released their debut EP "Dreaming of a Seaside Town" today. We absolutely love it, and have had it on repeat here for weeks now. See their artist page for an exclusive interview with the band, plus links to stream or purchase the songs.



New EP from Electric Park coming on February 7th! 

Super exciting news again today - we have a new band on the label, Electric Park, with a new EP due for release in just a few days time. Electric Park are a young three piece from Adelaide, Australia, with a sound that evokes the best of jangly Brit indie. We can hear lots in there, from the Stranglers to New Order, filtered through a distinctly Australian voice. Can't wait for you to hear them!

And then there were two!! 

Super exciting news today. We now have two bands on the label, two releases, and two new tracks for you! Mode are an Adelaide Britpop band and, unlike Cigarillo, they can actually meet up and play live due to living on the same side of the world. We've been attending a number of their gigs recently, and are thrilled to release their first two tracks.


Bad Thing is proper power pop - it reminds us of The Knack playing Ash songs after a heavy night on the lash. Hold on to Yesterday is the sound of every Britpop ballad ever being played at the same time, as the sun sets on a broken hearted lover at the end of the pier. Or some such bollocks. Either way, we love it!!!

Much more to come from Mode soon, in the form of live videos, gigs and more singles.

New Cigarillo single!! 

We're really excited about this one. The debut Cigarillo single is now live on the site, and is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Apple Music. It's a corker!!

See the Cigarillo page for an exclusive interview with the band, a link to buy or stream and an actual video with proper dancing and stuff.

What's for tea mum? CIGARILLO!!!!!!

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